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Prescription Drugs Price Offers

The Society is continuously seeking value for money from the various suppliers of health services, including pharmacies for the sale of prescription drugs.  We wish to make you aware of the reduced drug prices on offer and it is then a matter for yourself to research the details on their websites or on the links below to view the offers.   If the offer is of interest, you should then make contact with them so as you can make an informed decision to avail of their service.   Without doubt, substantial savings can be made by families with regular monthly drug prescription bills.

We are engaging with a number of other Pharmacies seeking value and will in time place their details below so as you can research the various offerings.

Drug Price Offers 
Scanlon's Pharmacies, Limerick & Dublin - Free countrywide
Healthwave, Dundrum - Free countrywide
Pure Pharmacy, Ballyfermot, Collins Ave., Summerhill, Dublin Airport, Galway & Drogheda - Free countrywide

In adddition, the above providers have drug price comparison websites at, and which enable you to check your medecines by price and to see if a cheaper generic version of a drug is available.