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Common Questions

Can I get tax relief on my Subscriptions?

You are already receiving tax relief on your subscriptions but it is given at source by the Revenue Commissioners to the Society and has been since April 2001.

Can my children over 18 years of age remain on cover with the Society?

Yes – Your children aged 18 and up to 20 years of age can remain on cover at a charge of €11.50 per week per child. You will be charged for no more than two children in this age group, so if you have three or more in this age bracket you will be charged for two children.

Your children aged 21 up to 25 years of age can remain on cover at the “Discounted Adult Rate” that applies at each age group - i.e. 21, 22, 23, 24 and 25 years of age. The Society gives the Maximum Discount allowed under law to every age group and the rates that apply are available in the Members Guide to Benefits & Subscriptions on this website. This discounted adult rate will be applied each year on the 1st July based on your child’s age on that date and will be adjusted each year thereafter.

Your children aged 26 up to 29 years of age can remain on cover with the Society at the full adult rate which we are legally required to apply under the terms of the Health Insurance (Amendment) Act 2014.

What am I entitled to if I go to my dentist and get an examination & scale & polish?

The Society does not cover dental examinations, scaling or polishing.

What am I entitled to if I go to my optician and get an examination & glasses or lenses?

The Society does not cover eye examination or glasses or lenses as it is not allowable under Revenue rules.

What benefits are restricted?

The following are covered to a maximum of 60% of the cost and are subject to a maximum payment of €25 per visit and subject to a maximum of 10 visits in a 12 month period.

Counsellors and PsychologistsAcupunctureSpeech Therapy

When can I add a newborn child to my cover?

Newborn children are covered immediately provided they are enrolled with the Society within 13 weeks of birth and appropriate subscription paid.

I am going into hospital will I be covered in a Private Room?

The Society provides cover for Semi Private Room in all Hospitals in the State.

Do we provide Travel Insurance?

No. You are strongly advised to acquire Travel insurance when going abroad.

If I go abroad for a procedure will it be covered?

No. If you go abroad to get a procedure carried out that is not available in Ireland, the HSE is obliged to cover it under your PRSI cover.

I recently sent in a claim where is my cheque?

You may have changed your payment method recently from cheque payment to a nominated bank and your payment is more than likely in your account.

I am retiring from the Garda Siochana - What do I need to do to keep my cover with the medical aid Society?

Once you know the date you are retiring, you should inform us. It will take 8 weeks approx. to set up your deductions from your pension. In the meantime there will be an 8 week period when you will have to forward payment directly to the office. We will advise you of this amount when we send out the retirement forms for completion and you can return this amount together with the forms.